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Tank Alert 230V Indoor/Outdoor Alarm for Pump Systems

Tank Alert 230V Indoor/Outdoor Alarm for Pump Systems

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This Alarm System Monitors Liquid Levels in Pump Chambers, Sump Pump Basins, Holding Tanks, Sewage, Agricultural and Other Water Applications.

The Tank Alert® EZ Indoor/Outdoor Alarm Can Serve As A High Or Low Level Alarm Depending On The Float Switch Model Used. This Easy To Install Alarm Features An Innovative, Sleek 2-Color Molded Enclosure Which Integrates The LED Red Translucent Beacon.
The Alarm Sounds And The Upper Housing Half Illuminates When A Potentially Threatening Liquid Level Condition Occurs. The Audible Alarm Can Be Silenced By Pressing The Test/Silence Button, But The Alarm Light Will Remain On Until The Condition Is Remedied. Once The Condition Is Cleared, The Alarm Will Automatically Reset. A Green “Power On” Light Indicates Power To The Alarm Panel.

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