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MegaMaster Float Switch For Pumping Stations

MegaMaster Float Switch For Pumping Stations

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Mechanically-Activated, Narrow-Angle, Internally Weighted Float Switch Designed for Level Control in Municipal Sewage Pumping Stations.

  • Weighted Float Switch
  • 3 Wire Cable – SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) Can Be Wired As Normally Open Or Normally Closed. Wire Color: Common (White), N.O. (Black), N.C. (Red)
  • Large Twin Wall Tear Drop Shape Design Offers Increased Buoyancy
  • Two-Color Housing Allows For Easy Identification Of Float Position
  • Unique Gold Cross-Point Contacts Provide Precision And Reliable Control Signals Up To 1 Amp
  • Excellent Solution For Applications With High Grease Content

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