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COELBO SWITCHMATIC 2 Electronic Pressure Switch

COELBO SWITCHMATIC 2 Electronic Pressure Switch

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Coelbo Switchmatic 2 Technical Sheet |

The SWITCHMATIC 2 is an electronic pressure switch with an integrated digital pressure gauge. It can manage the start and stop of single-phase electric pumps up to 3 hp (2,2 kW). It is easy to set the Cut-in and cut-out pressure through the user-friendly control panel. Installation is easy because the wiring is as simple as a traditional electromechanical switch. It can operate as a differential pressure switch or as an inverted pressure switch.

SWITCHMATIC 2 Also Includes Instantaneous Current Lecture and it Can Be Mounted Individually or in Groups of 2 Pumps Synchronized and Operating in Cascade Mode with Alternated Sequence of Operation

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